The company’s objective is to serve clients demanding in connecting with high speed circuit into the oversea.

Therefore, the company had proceeded until got the license for telecommunication business of type No.3 in order to provide International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) service, as well as the license for International Internet Gateway (IIG) service and National Internet Exchange (NIX) service of type No.2.

There are 3 categories of international high speed communication circuit, under the license for telecommunication business of type No.3, which are:

IPLC Service (International Private Leased Circuit)

is the International Private Leased Circuit in which the company’s network, as a starting point, does connect directly to network of service providers in the oversea, and pass through the client’s terminal point by using DWDM and SDH Technology as main network. Meanwhile, the technology of SDH, EoSDH, and TDM are used for network service. These are depend on client’s demand and lease of speed by ranging from 64kbps - E1, DS3, STM1 to STM64 which provided high secure network and guaranteed in transferring speed of video and audio data with correctly and constantly.

IPLC Service is suitable for multinational organizations, either big or small size of organization that wants to connect with the other counties as well as connecting with the international leased circuit and digital broadcasting providers of TV satellite.

VPN Service (Virtual Private Network) or NINI

is a service of virtual telecommunications circuit, which is used for international communications via company’s network in order to connect with traffic managing device and network service providers in abroad. Therefore, users can reach to the video and audio data transmission properly, and get secure communications same as IPLC Service, however, the different is the traffic managing technology. IP technology is used for managing traffic. As for network service, client can choose either EoSDH or Ethernet, which offered speed is ranging from 64 kbps to Gigabit Ethernet.

This service is appropriate to the same customer group of IPLC, however it is depend on speed and technology that they have chosen.

International Internet Gateway (IIG or IP Port) and IP Transit Service

are the internet data communications services for connecting with internet service providers in both domestic and international. IP Transit Service is to connect with multinational internet data by using network in Thailand as a hub.

The company aims to offer these services to both domestic and international service providers as well as mobile phone and broadband service providers.

Cloud Direct Connect Solution

Cloud Direct Connect Solution is the service connection from the client’s office directly to the Cloud Service Providers instead of using only the internet connection. Symphony Communication and "Megaport”, the global leading provider of Elastic Interconnection services, provide direct connection to Cloud Service Providers such as; Amazon (AWS), Microsoft Azure/Office 365, Google Cloud Platform and Oracle Cloud. The service highlights are safe of stored data and high efficiency performance, as it provides a Private Link connection which is dedicated to each client and can be connect to a wide range of Cloud Service Providers in various form at the same time, it helps reduce the slow data transfer speed due to it does not need to share internet bandwidth with other clients. Symphony Cloud Direct Connect Solution is ready to serve with SLA (Service Level Agreement) 99.9% to ensure our quality of network.