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International Private Leased Circuit Service (IPLC)

International Private Leased Circuit Service

IPLC Service (International Private Leased Circuit)

is the International Private Leased Circuit in which the company’s network, as a starting point, does connect directly to network of service providers in the oversea, and pass through the client’s terminal point by using DWDM and SDH Technology as main network. Meanwhile, the technology of SDH, EoSDH, and TDM are used for network service. These are depend on client’s demand and lease of speed by ranging from 64kbps – E1, DS3, STM1 to STM64 which provided high secure network and guaranteed in transferring speed of video and audio data with correctly and constantly.

IPLC Service is suitable for multinational organizations, either big or small size of organization that wants to connect with the other counties as well as connecting with the international leased circuit and digital broadcasting providers of TV satellite.