Symphony Communication Public Company Limited

Company Business

Company Business

Symphony Communication Public Company Limited or SYMC is a Telecommunication network and service provider in Thailand, providing high speed and reliable network for both domestic and international connectivity and value-added services to serve the fast-growing data demand in Thailand and ASEAN.

The Company was originally founded by the management team with over 20 years of experiences, consisting of management team, engineering staff and experienced telecommunication specialists who have experienced delivering the hi-speed communication network using optical fiber cables for its core network and provided the related services, e.g., last mile network management and installation. In addition, the Company has prioritized to provide best services and solutions to customers as well as cooperated with all business partners to provide the value proposition of the fullest spectrum of technology empowerment to the existing and potential customers.

Currently, the Company has held the Telecommunication Service License Type II and Type III, permitted by Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (“NBTC”) to provide services for International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) both terrestrial and submarine coverage and IP-Virtual Private Network (IP-VPN). In addition, the Company has also received the Internet Operation Type I and II to provide internet service and operate International Internet Gateway (IIG) and National Internet Exchange (NIX).

In 2018, the Company has expanded its domestic business to enter into the enterprise market with the launch of “Direct Internet” service and value-added products and services to serve the customer’s requirement.

Under the brand “Symphony” we have committed to continually improve network performance, strategically grow our coverage to increase customer base, support future growth and provide best service for customers to have “Excellent Experience”.

Business Strategy

The Company focuses on building a sustainable platform and creating long-term competitiveness by providing best services and solutions to our valued customers. Therefore, the Company formulates business strategy and policy as follows:

      1. Embed Reliable Network and Services as Trusted Brand
      2. Ensure Quality of Connectivity and Service as Satisfied
      3. Expand Market Presence with Strong Coverage
      4. Elevate Value-added Services and Solution as Required
      5. Endeavor Relentlessly to Serve Digital World