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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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In order to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019), the relevant secondary laws and any amended laws relating to the future protection of Personal Data (“PDPA“), Symphony Communication Public Company Limited (the “Company”) has created this notice to explain to you how the Company treat your Personal Data and to inform you of the processing purposes, the duration of your Personal Data retention, as well as your rights as the owner of your Personal Data. The details are as follows:


1. Definitions and meanings related to the protection of Personal Data

 A) “Personal Information” means information about a person which makes it possible to identify the person directly or indirectly, such as their first name, surname, age, gender, address, telephone number, date of birth, photo, etc., as well as “sensitive information” which means personal information about racial, ethnic origin, political opinions, cult, religious or philosophical beliefs, sexual behavior, criminal records, health data, disability, trade union information, genetic data, biometric data, or of any data which may affect the data subject in the same manner, as prescribed by the PDPA Committee.

 B) “Personal Data Controller”means a person or a juristic person having the power and duties to make decisions regarding the collection, use, or disclosure of the Personal Data.


2. Personal Data Collected by the Company

  1. Full name or nickname, or
  2. Identification number, passport number, social security card number, driver’s license number, Tax ID, bank account number; or
  3. Address, email, phone number; or
  4. Device or tool information, such as IP address, MAC address, cookie ID; or
  5. Biometric information such as face images, fingerprints, voice identity information; or
  6. Identification information of the person’s property, such as car registration; and
  7. Information that can be linked to the above information, such as date of birth, ethnicity, nationality, weight, height, location, medical information, educational information, financial information, employment information, etc.


3. Channels through which we collect your information

  1. Personal Data you have provided directly to the Company to prepare contracts or other documents for the Company’s telecommunications services, Cloud Computing Services, and other legal activities with the Company, including Personal Data obtained by the Company from your use of such services.
  2. Personal Data that the Company is required to collect for use, prepare or amend the Company’s shareholder registration as defined under the Public Limited Companies Act and the Civil and Commercial Code, as well as other laws relating to the storage of shareholder information of the Company at present and in the future.
  3. Personal Data you have provided to us for future coordination.
  4. Personal Data you have provided to the Company for the job
  5. Personal Data You have provided to the Company as a Temporary Employee (Outsourcer), in the event that the Company hires you or hires your employer to perform the work employed or assigned from the Company, such as installing or maintaining the Company’s telecommunications network, etc.
  6. Personal Data that we collect from you automatically through channels such as cookies or other similar technologies or the storage of IP addresses, MAC addresses, and log file information.
  7. Personal Data collected by recording images and/or audio via CCTV. Photographs, audio or conversations we have recorded, for the service or after-sale service propose, through the Company’s Call Center.
  8. Information you have provided to us to confirm your visitor’s identity or to work in the Company’s area, including for servicing to our customers.
  9. We may obtain your Personal Data from third parties, such as the companies that recommends you to the Company or from other telecommunications service providers or other Internet service providers, or our partners or business partners, or public sources or government agencies, etc.


4Purpose of storage of your Personal Data

  1. To enable us to provide services to you, such as to prove and verify your identity before using products and/or services, or for legal purposes with the Company or in receiving complaints from you.
  2. For the Company’s telecommunications services operations, including for improve network quality, or to calculate and charge for the use of services, for Company research, analysis, data analysis, which is in accordance with the objectives of the Company’s operations and to improve the quality of the Company’s services more efficiently.
  3. To comply with laws applicable to the Company, such as the Telecommunications Business Act. Computer Crimes Act and Public Limited Companies Act, etc.
  4. For the purposes of applying for a job, selecting a job applicant, interviewing, and taking any action related to the application.
  5. For the purposes of recording your work as an outsourcer for the Company, including for the payment (if any), and to comply with applicable laws.
  6. To control the entry within the Company’s premises area and secure the Company, its personnel, employees and contact persons, and our assets and information located or stored in such premises area.

5. How long does it take to collect personal information?

We will keep your information for the period specified, such as the duration of your use of our products and/or services, or the duration of your legal relationship with the Company, even if the contract or agreements with the Company are terminated.

The length of time that Personal Data is kept varies based on the purpose of handling it. Furthermore, the Company will retain Personal Data for the period required by applicable Law (if any), taking into account the legal age for litigation that may arise from or relate to documents or Personal Data specified by the Company and collected in each item, as well as the Company’s practices and policies.

After the maturity of the above periods, the Company will delete or destroy your Personal Data from the storage or system of the Company and of other persons who provide services to the Company (if any) or make your Personal Data an anonymous information. Unless the Company is able to continue to retain such Personal Data as required by the Law on the Protection of Personal Data or other applicable laws.


6. Disclosure of actions Guidelines and Policies relating to Personal Data

  1. Disclosure for legal purposes, including under the Telecommunications Business Act, Computer Crimes Act, and Public Limited Companies Act, etc.
  2. Disclosure of orders or petitions from regulatory agencies, government agencies, or responsible agencies such as the Office of the Broadcasting Commission, television and telecommunications authorities, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the National Police Headquarters, or any other person to whom the Company is required to disclose information under applicable laws or regulations, or in other circumstances.
  3. Disclosure to data processors, cloud computing providers, and data center providers, as well as anyone else with whom the Company has a contractual or legal relationship (whether domestic or international). Experts and service providers in which the Company is a party or a legal person who obtains personal information for those people or legal entities to perform services to the Company or you in connection with the Company’s services.
  4. Disclosure to the Company’s business partners, service providers, and Personal Data processors assigned or hired to handle or process Personal Data on behalf of the Company. Disclosure to Business partners who provide Company the services such as for health checks, services in information technology, records management service, payment processing service postal, parcel services, publishing services, health and insurance services, training services, data analysis service, research, marketing research, and other services that may benefit you or involve the Company’s business activities, hospitals, life insurance firms, non-life insurance corporations, and other institutions are all involved.


7. Your rights regarding Personal Data

As the owner of Personal Data, you reserve a legal right to collect, use or disclose your Personal Data as follow (the Company reserves the right to consider your request application for your rights and act as required by the Law).

  1. Right to access your Personal Data.
  2. Right to correct your Personal Data.
  3. Right to delete or destroy your Personal Data.
  4. Right to suspend the use of your Personal Data.
  5. Right to object to the collection, use or disclosure of your Personal Data.
  6. Right to withdraw collective consent to use or disclose your Personal Data.
  7. Right to request, submit or transfer your Personal Data.
  8. Right to complain if you deem that we do not comply with the laws regarding the protection of your Personal Data.

8. Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to exercise your rights relating to your Personal Data, please contact us or our Data Protection Officer at

Data Protection Officer


Tel: 0-2101-1111 

You can learn more from the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019).



Announced on 16  August  2021