Symphony Communication Public Company Limited

Company Business

Company Business

Business Overview

Symphony Communication Public Company Limited or SYMC is a Telecommunication network and service provider in Thailand, providing high speed and reliable network for both domestic and international connectivity and value-added services to serve the fast-growing data demand in Thailand and ASEAN.

The Company was originally founded by the management team with over 20 years of experiences, consisting of management team, engineering staff and experienced telecommunication specialists who have experienced delivering the hi-speed communication network using optical fiber cables for its core network and provided the related services, e.g., last mile network management and installation. In addition, the Company has prioritized to provide best services and solutions to customers as well as cooperated with all business partners to provide the value proposition of the fullest spectrum of technology empowerment to the existing and potential customers.

Currently, the Company holds the Telecommunication Service License Type II and Type III, permitted by Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (“NBTC”) to provide services for International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) both terrestrial and submarine coverage and IP-Virtual Private Network (IP-VPN). In addition, the Company has also received the Internet Operation Type I and II to provide internet service and operate International Internet Gateway (IIG) and National Internet Exchange (NIX).

In 2019, Telecommunication sector in Thailand has still been in good position according to increasing demand of digital transaction services driven by technology and productivity for almost all business sectors. The investments from private sectors and growing tourism business are still key economic driving forces for Thailand this year. Thailand’s communication market is expected to continue growing in 2019, thanks to government policies and changes in consumer behaviors. Fixed line data services, composed of leased line, internet, data center colocation and cloud services will continue to drive demand within enterprises and corporates segment. Likewise, the overall internet users in Thailand on both fixed and wireless broadband are also on increasing trend. Overall, these will contribute positively to the market industry and service providers, including for SYMC.

As a result, the telecommunication service providers have expanded their network infrastructure and related services to cover more business area. To capture this trend, SYMC had also strengthened its domestic backbone network to be fully protected with multiply routes especially connecting to key border gateways to serve increasing demand on both domestic and international services.

So far, the Company has received the positive momentum growth exponentially from the Direct Internet service and value-added products and services to serve the customer’s requirement, focusing on the enterprise segment. The number of customers has increased over double from last year and expanded in all segments that the Company has penetrated into the enterprise horizontally and vertically.

In addition, SYMC had expanded its services offerings with its newly-launched, Anti-DDoS services as part of its growth expansion into Enterprise market. This is expected to drive more demand across small and medium Enterprises who are looking for round-the-clock protection to safeguard their business operations. Moreover, these services could serve the Personal Data Protection Act and Cybersecurity Act, effectively since the second half of 2019. Therefore, the most of several public and private sectors driven by computer, communication and digitizing systems have been required to be aware of Cyber Threats and in compliance with Legal Actions.

Under the brand “Symphony” we have committed to continually improve network performance, strategically grow our coverage to increase customer base, support future growth and provide best service for customers to have “Excellent Experience”.

Business Strategy

The Company focuses on building a sustainable platform and creating long-term competitiveness by providing best services and solutions to our valued customers. Therefore, the Company formulates business strategy and policy as follows:

  1. Embed Reliable Network and Services as Trusted Brand

The Company has positioned “Symphony” brand to the customers’ perception upon the reliable network connectivity and service quality beyond premium level and being the leader of innovative technology adoptions that differentiate our services from others e.g. development of new services that more advance than the customers’ expectations, the continual improvement of service both in terms of technology and management such as providing the preventive measure; fostering good relationship with customers and partners by organizing seminars, trainings and activities for inter-department e.g. technology, sales, marketing or finance and accounting departments.

Moreover, we also have treated our sub-contractors as our own employees to manage the quality control in the overall process. We ensure that each step of our services shall meet our customers’ and partners’ satisfaction.  We believe that the difference of our services has made our customers and partners trust us and introduced our services to their organization, partners or even their end-users.  As a result, our customers have been increased steadily until the present.

  1. Ensure Quality of Connectivity and Service as Satisfied

The Company has guaranteed the quality of networks with Service Level Agreement (SLA) at 99.9% to ensure the Company’s highly commitment towards superior quality. We have placed high importance on the quality of service by having the experienced engineering staff to provide the best service to the customers. Our Network Operation Center has operated continuously for 24 hours and 7 days with our efficiently computerized network monitoring system. If any irregular issues on the network arise, we can promptly detect and immediately notify the issues to our customers to solve the problems for them.

To maintain the Company’s service standard and after-sale service, the Company has strictly improved the standard of its hi-speed communication network service to ensure stability and smooth communication for customers. We have offered service customization to meet different customers’ requirements and welcome customers’ opinion in customized circuit design process. Furthermore, the Company has provided the preventive measure, for instance, our expert team and technicians have a regular schedule to check, monitor, maintain the cabling, the equipment and the back-up system to ensure readiness for use at all the time. Aside from that, we have provided after-sale services including one-stop call center that our experts and technicians are available 24-7 to assist or give consultations when needed.

  1. Expand Market Presence with Strong Coverage

As for network coverage expansion, the Company has expanded and developed network service by considering priority in strategic areas. As the demand for data connectivity has been growing along with the development of telecommunication technology and cross-borders trade and investment within ASEAN, Thailand’s geographic location has high potential to be a hub of telecommunication. Therefore, the Company has expanded network coverage to catch up with increasing demand in the high potential areas that justify customers’ needs and investment returns, especially the routes that connect neighboring countries which also cover major cities nationwide, e.g., Bangkok and vicinity, 50 major provinces, 251 leading office buildings, 51 Industrial estates, 18 service centers nationwide and 6 international gateways to connect international networks that better support rapid telecommunication traffic growth.

  1. Elevate Value-added Services and Solution as Required

The Company has continuously provided consultation and profound analysis, including organizing the technical seminar for customers’ technicians. We have focused on fostering valued relationship and serving the highest customers’ satisfaction. The Company has constantly reviewed the customers’ concern and suggestion by conducting satisfaction surveys, interview and other channels to improve its service quality.

  1. Endeavor Relentlessly to Serve Digital World

The Company has relentlessly monitored and studied the advanced innovation and the development of telecommunication technologies as well as market trend in the direction of growing in data connectivity demand and technology support for digital transformation including Big Data Analytics, upcoming 5G network deployment, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT).  In order to capture this trend in the long run, the Company has developed its innovative products and services from understanding the in-depth requirement of our existing and searching for the new market development to serve potential customers such as international connectivity, internet service and etc.