Symphony Communication Public Company Limited

Excellent Service Delivery

Excellent Service Delivery

Greeting Letter

Symphony greets every customer with thank you and welcome letter for having Symphony as a preferred choice together with precise information on installation date, time and technician’s identification; customers will be able to request for more information or change the time and date of installation at their convenience whereby our team will provide detailed information and preparation for the installation.

Fast Delivery

Punctually and promptness in installation is the key factor which enables Symphony to maintain its excellence standard in servicing customers with a team of technically well trained and service minded staffs. The standard time of our service installation is negotiable and flexible according to customers’ requirement.

First In Service Test

Prior to the delivery of network circuit to customers, assessment must be made to ensure that the circuits are achieved quality standard by the latest universal standard test equipments used for fiber optic and copper wire production plants as well as all pre-install equipment testing.

Ready Ethernet and Metro Ethernet

These services deploy RFC 2544 standard to test and analyze the quality of circuit which consist of the following:

  • Throughput: Measurement of 100% data transmission through the network from node-to-node or end-to-end.
  • Latency: Measurement of data transmission to be at the standard level.
  • Frame Loss: the measurements amount of data errors and not exceed the regulation standard.

TDM Leased Line

The network performance of this service uses the standard network transmission in measuring values of error bit rate, wiring distance and line quality, ability to transmit bit values within a limited timeframe. Customers can rely on our quality service with advanced network testing tools to ensure reliability and accuracy.

Service Introduction

During installation date, our network specialist will advise customer on the functions of equipment, troubleshooting and equipment demonstration pursuant to user handbook. Contact number of the Network Operation Center is shown at the back of network terminal unit whereby the helpdesk provides nonstop services 24×7 including holidays.