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International Network Connectivity

International Network Connectivity

High Network performance with no boundaries. We offer the interconnection that enable your business traffic on the fastest route ever.

Make the right choice for your growing business outside Thailand, we have the quality routes for your selections. No matter how far it is, our network will bring your business there.

SYMPHONY international connectivity is running on both of terrestrial gateways to all borders of Thailand and submarine. We build our own fiber infrastructure to connect to the neighboring countries at the borders of Thailand.

International Private Leased Circuit Service (IPLC)

Moving your business forward to the next level of global connectivity, our high performance network will return you the success by connection from your business locations to your headquarter or even to your oversea customers or partners with speed and agility transmission.

International private leased circuit is the high speed dedicated leased line connected to global network, with SDH technology and interface, using for the connectivity between telecom operators, service providers and also HQ-branches of any enterprises.

  • SDH interface from STM-1 to STM-64
  • Support both of half circuit and end-to-end solution
  • Support both of inbound and outbound connectivity
  • Completion of Thailand border connectivity (gateway) in Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar


The VPN (Virtual Private Network) is built by MPLS service, using for international branches connectivity of any enterprises who need high reliability on international connectivity.

  • Data security
  • Reliability on data connection
  • Support all protocols
  • Flexible on bandwidth increasing


Another type of private leased circuit support ethernet interface and can be running with any bandwidth from over 1Mbps.

  • Ethernet interface support from 1Mbps to multiple 100G


Submarine Cable System

MCT Submarine Cable System is one of the highest capacity cable systems across Asean due to this network will connect MALAYSIA, CAMBODIA and THAILAND (MCT) with a total capacity exceeding 30 Tbps. and support 100G Ethernet Technology.

This project is comprising Telekom Malaysia (Malaysia), Telcotech (Cambodia) and Symphony Communication Public Company Limited (Thailand), spanning 1,300 km. length among 3 countries establish connection between Cherating in Malaysia, Sihanoukville in Cambodia and Rayong in Thailand.

By early of 2017 this high speed submarine cable infrastructure will be ready for commercial service, the network would offer our neighbouring countries increased international bandwidth between major cities in ASEAN.

MCT provides state-of-the-art subsea network between Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand through its massive bandwidth for clients and offers the connectivity from ASEAN to many continents around the world and Symphony Communication is Thailand 1st private company who invested in submarine cable system.

MCT connections from 3 countries can be linked to many submarine cable systems as shown below:

MCT will deliver the best performance for interconnection between country-to-country and city-to-city across ASEAN with cost efficiency due to its design and professional operation Telekom Malaysia, Telcotech, Symphony Communication and Huawei Marine, the significant expert for submarine cable system.

Located in a great location on Mae Rampueng Beach, Rayong, MOALEE Cable Landing Station, a newly built has approximately 2 rais with 2,000 square meters building space that has a great system and full support we provide for MCT i.e. power supply, security, monitoring, backup routing and can be a neutral opened access for other 3 submarine cable systems to connect and use this high capacity subsea network is Thailand for efficient interconnection.

Network Operations Centre (NOC)
Network Operations Centre (NOC)

  • Dedicated operation with MCT Submarine Cable Operations Team
  • Cable engineers experienced in the operation of submarine cables
  • Management of network from country-to-country

Fully Diverse Operation Ensures Continuity of Operations
Fully Diverse Operation Ensures Continuity of Operations

  • Duplicated servers
  • Fully managed Data Communication Network (DCN)
  • 24/7 operations

Submarine Cable Management
Submarine Cable Management

  • Cable monitoring performed at MOALEE Cable Landing Station
  • Notification of network events and planned outage activity


  • Pre-provisioned capacity for rapid activation
  • Dedicated provisioning team
  • Country-to-country test and commission

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