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Data Caenter

AIMS@Bangkok is a carrier-neutral data center, strategically located in the central business district of Bangkok. With more than 30 years of experience in data center for businesses around the world and provide interconnected data centers in Southeast Asia and being the connection point for local and international ISPs and content providers in this region.

We provide and deliver all of your IT infrastructure needs with global standard of services for all businesses purposes and connect via an extensive international subsea and terrestrial network.

Direct Internet Service

We deliver the dedicated bandwidth options to your business’s need so you will have the seamlessly upload and download data transmission with the connectivity speed up to 10Gbps, you just rest assured that the data is delivered precisely.

  • Speed on demand from 1Mbps – 10Gbps
  • Quickly transfer large files and data
  • One-stop service solution
  • Guaranteed SLA 99.9%

SYMPHONY Virtual Firewall

Symphony Virtual firewall service can help company and organizations ensure staff and guest are securely accessing the internet and Cloud

This Virtual Firewall are a critical security layer that virtually all businesses require. But maintaining the perimeter security against ever changing threat landscape has become a major challenge for many organizations. Firewalls, if not well managed, can easily become an unwitting security risk and businesses struggle to maintain control of their security, without impacting their business.

A Symphony Virtual firewall service mitigates this headache, and plugs a vital security gap, without the need to engage costly in-house IT resource.  This service is fully managed by us, including its design, installation, configuration, and day-to-day maintenance of VMs and software components as well as expert support from our proficient cyber security professionals, and 24/7 proactive network monitoring.

  • To scale out, parallelize the enforcement of security controls and flexible placement of security controls.
  • To potentially reduce the cost, as compared with the use of physical appliances.
  • To speed the provisioning of security controls by making their provisioning as easy as provisioning a new VM.
  • To enable high reliability on Enterprise cloud and network infrastructure support team prevent case of system downtime.
  • To provide visibility into blind spots, such as inter-VM communications, without requiring all traffic to be routed to physical appliances.

DDoS Protection

Business today relies heavily on the quality of internet connection and potential threat like DDoS attack is very harmful to day to day business.

Our DDoS Protection solution works as an add-on service with our Direct Internet to ensure the internet flows for customer business availability.

Our DDoS Protection guarantees services with ability to learn several categories of DDoS attack and analyze based on characteristics, profiles and possible DDoS attack methodologies. Once the DDoS traffic is detected and identified, our system will mitigate the dangerous traffic and then forward the clean traffic to your infrastructure with little or no impact to your business users.

  • High protection by best-in-class technology
  • Protect large volume and protocol-based DDoS Attack from incoming traffics
  • Support multiple IP’s protection
  • DDoS-protected DNS with IPv4 & IPv6 ready
  • Available both on-demand or always on
  • Guaranteed SLA 99.9%

SME Broadband Internet

We can deliver the better than home-use broadband at affordable price to medium size business in Thailand who need to use the quality broadband internet.

  • Symmetrical speeds with options from 100Mbps – 500Mbps
  • 100% fiber internet connection
  • 24 hours call center

Internet Exchange (IIG&NIX)

IIG&NIX are the gateway services for Service Provider to exchange data globally and locally to SYMPHONY’s Internet Gateway.

Our IIG has been designed with the variety of international routes from Thailand, whether it is terrestrial or submarine, Symphony has 5 terrestrial connectivity from Thailand and submarine directly to Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong, where all global internet PoP and exchanges are located. Additionally, we also connect to the global internet exchange in England, France, Netherlands, Germany and USA.

  • Variety of international routes
  • Redundancy backbone to global PoP oversea
  • Direct peering with global content providers

Cloud Direct Connect

The dedicated connectivity direct to Global cloud providers enhancing for better experience than internet for customers who have heavy data transfer with global could services.

SYMPHONY Cloud Direct Connect can support various cloud providers in global eg. AWS, Azure, Office 365, Google, Oracle. The services are suitable for cloud users who need high reliability than general internet or have more concern on data securities.

  • Support various global cloud providers, AWS, Azure, Office 365, Google, Alibaba, Oracle, WebAir and Salesforce
  • Support all applications
  • Selectable bandwidth with incremental step suit to your data usage.