Symphony Communication Public Company Limited received the award “Sustainable organization in the Thai capital market supporting people with disabilities”

On 21 November 2022, Symphony Communication Public Company Limited by Mr. Alex Loh, Chief Operating Officer received an award “Sustainable Organization in the Thai Capital Market for supporting people with disabilities” as an outstanding level for year 2022 from Mr. Boonchob Sutthamanatwong, Permanent Secretary of Labor by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) together with the Ministry of Labor, Department of Skill Development, Department of Employment, Department of Empowerment and Development of the Life of Persons with Disabilities, The Thai Listed Companies Association and the Council of Persons with Disabilities of Thailand have selected and awarded organizations in the Thai capital market that are outstanding in adopting human rights principles as the basis for management and playing an important role in helping to promote careers and employment to create opportunities for people with disabilities to participate equally in society and reduce inequality.

This award reaffirms that the Company has systematically and concretely implemented human rights activities on a continuous basis with emphasis on managing differences and accepting diversity by treating personnel and all groups of stakeholders equally and equitably including encouraging all employees and all groups of stakeholders to have a better quality of life. This is in line with the commitment and is one of the goals to drive sustainable development of the company.